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Habib Bank Limited History and Branches of HBL

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Habib Bank Limited History and Branches of HBL It is first bak that was established in 1947 after the Pakistan . It was Govt Bank but then Govt of Pakistan has privatized it in 2004. AKFED acquired 51% of the Bank’s shareholding and the management control.The remaining 41.5% shareholding by the Government of Pakistan was divested in April 2015. AKFED continues to retain 51% shareholding in HBL while the remaining shareholding is held by individuals, local and foreign institutions and funds including CDC Group Plc which holds 5% and International Finance Corporation which holds 3%.


It is also largest commercial bank of Pakistan and it has many branches and it has 1700 branches throughout Pakistan . Its branches are spread in all over world of 25 countries . There is large network of branches of HBL . There are branches in every city almost . Customer are very satisfied from working Habib Bank Limited .

The all admissions fee are paid in Habib Bank Limited and its branches are very closes to each others . These are all online branches of Habib Bank Limited . The bank is expanding its branches in UK, UAE, South and Central Asia, Africa and the Far East.

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                                                              HBL has a balance sheet size of USD 24 billion (FY’16).its balance sheets has a lot of profits as there is cash flow in HBL as it is larger bank of Pakistan and there is more flow of customers .It has been seen that most salary accounts of Govt Employees have been opened in HBL as it is reliable bank for customers . Many loan accounts and salary loans are available here .Person Loan , Car Loan and house loan are easily to avail from Habib Bank Limited .
                                                               HBL is providing many facilities to their customers like internet banking, mobile banking , sms banking and online facilities. You can also give online Zakat to any organization with help of your account . ATM Machines of HB;L is present in almost all public places so that customer can enjoy facility of online transaction

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