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Important Points Curriculum Development Chapter 1

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We are providing Important Points Curriculum Development Chapter 1  that will help students and readers and they will understand the curriculum meanings and ideas

Important Points Curriculum Development Chapter 1
Important Points Curriculum Development Chapter 1

(1)Curriculum :It is Latin word mean to run .sum of educational experience that children have in school
(2)Characteristics of curriculum : Total of activity ,A means to end ,Total school environment,Totality of experience ,Mirror of curricular ,Mirror of educational trend, development of balanced personality ,process of living . Dynamic,Mirror of philosophy ,Achievement of goals,
(3) Broad Components of Curriculum : Program  of studies,Program  of activities,Programmed of guidance. (4)Needs of Curriculum: Achievement of educational aims,Fixing limits,Democratic values,development of citizen,satisfaction of needs,criteria of suitable teachers,selection of suitable method,acquisition of knowledge ,Development of personality,reflects trend in education ,Discoveries,
Scope OF curriculum :Decision ,Subject ,Life Science Learning ,
Curriculum Planning :
Process of Curriculum Development : Formation of objectives, Specification of objectives,Determination of schemes, implementation in school , evaluation of curricula , past ideas, broad range of needs,diversity among learners, all teaching learning situation , approaches,flexibility,provide infusion,Provide balance among cognitive,provision for reflective thinking ,cooperative setting ,continuous evaluation ,integrated set of experience
Effective Curriculum Planning : clear perception, PA
Basic Principle of Curriculum Development : The Conservative Principal ,The forward making principle,Creative principle,The activity principle, Principle of perception of life,Child centered Curriculum, Principle of maturity, Principle of individual difference, Vertical and horizontal articulation ,Principle of linking with life,principle of comprehensiveness and balance,principle of loyalties, Flexibility ,Principle of core,Principle of Leisure ,Principle of all round development of body , mind and spirit ,
Elements of curriculum >situation analysis,setting the objectives,Subject matter or content,method of teaching activities, Evaluation

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In short there are above some important point that are very east , it will help the student to learn these chapter in easy way .While at the time of papers the student will be able to get good marks in examination by help of these learning material

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