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Management Definition and Functions of Management

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Management Definition and Functions of Management

The process of coordinating work activities so that they are completed efficiently and effectively through other people is called management . When we get more out put with the help of small amount of input it is called efficiency .Here there are usage of low input and we will get more out put . This is basic them of efficiency .

When you will do right things and organizational objectives has been achieved it is called Effectiveness , So it is referred as “ Doing the Right Things ” Doing right things mean you have to perform all required actions .


Function of Management : 

There are following functions of management

(1) Planning (2)Organizing (3) Leading (4) Controlling

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The process for defining the goals and establishing the strategies for obtaining these goals is called Planning as here  we will set the goals and then we think about the way how to achieve this goal . This is planning in Management . After planning , then we have to give task to different people and different people will perform different role so every task is controlled by every person .this is called Organizing .

Here there is leader who will controls all activities and will motivates his teams and guide his fellows how to perform the task  this is called Leadership . At the end the desired goals and resulted outcomes are compared and have been monitored by a person ,This process is called controlling . Manager is key person in this role as he has to perform all activities so it has been seen the manager is always in key post.

These are four types of management and these are the functions of management. Here the manager is involved and throughout whole process , this process is called Management Process . The main role of manager is to perform all management function like planning, organizing ,leading, controlling .

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