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Melon listeria kills three People in Australia

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Melon listeria kills three People in Australia as this is due to after eating melon that was full of listeria bacteria. Almost as per media reports three people has been killed so far .

in New South Wales it has been reported that the fifteen people have been affected by these types of production of melon so it is bad for health . Two People were belongs to New South Wales and one people belongs to state of Victoria.Melon listeria kills three People in Australia

Govt has warned the elderly, pregnant and infants people to eat sliced Melon as this dangerous of health . so it is advised for people not to use that type of melon and two days ago purchased melon . As per study on 15 effected person , it has been shown that they were effected from consumed rock melon.It has been traced near consumed rock melon.So it is not good to eat already sliced melon which is selling in the market as there are more chances of bacteria that will cause many dangerous disease .

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Now we should know about listeria ,as it can be traced from food full of bacteria or near the farm ,unpasteurized milk or dairy products,Pre-packed foods, including sandwiches and pate,

temperature, flu-like symptoms, vomiting and Diarrhea are main Symptoms for this disease.As per research some people show no symptoms and some show these types of symptoms .

So it is again advised not to use these types of melon as these are dangerous for help and it will cause death as three people already reported so far in Australia . We should take care and take responsibility for avoidance of these melons .

Unpasteurised milk or dairy products also contain these types of bacteria that also effect the health and can cause these types of diseases so avoid t use unpasteurised milk and dairy products for better health .

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