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More than 100 Members of Other Party Has Joined PTI

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More than 100 Members of Other Party Has Joined PTI due to Imran Khan Policies . It is expected that the next Govt may be of PTI so many candidates are trying take ticket of PTI . This is why many members of other parties have left the parties and they are joining the PTI . Pakistan Tahreek-e-insaf is now most popular political party of country .

Mast of members of Southern Punjab have left the PML(N) and joined the PTI . Almost there are 100 members of other party members have joined the party. The most effect party is now PML (N) whose members have left their part . The policies of PML (N) are very rough so the members are not satisfied . The whole Five years they adopt some strict policies and they did not oblige their members so it is main reason the members of their pary are leaving them and they are trying to join PTI .

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Leghari groups and Khosa Groups are in PTI , Sardar Jafar Khan Leghari has already joined the PTI with Meena Leghari and Mohsin Khan Leghari . and Jamal khan leghari and Awais Khan Leghari will join the party very soon as they are minister and they will enjoy the remaining days of Government . In DG Khan Division ,Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar has also left the PML(N) nad Joins the PTI ,but it is very difficult for PTI now that there are many candidates joins in same area . It is will very difficult for ticket selection as Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar is contesting Election in PP 286 and Khawaja Nizam Mahmood will also be part of PP 286 . But Khawaja Nizam will be strong candidate of being selected for ticket as He has been MPA and he is also running MPA . His background is very strong and he has many reference in Party . It is more chance that PTI will give ticket of PP 286 to Khawaja Nizam Ul Mahmood . Bot Khawaja Sheraz Mehmmod who is contesting the election in NA 189 like to give ticket Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar .

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