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NAHCON Approves 117 tour operators for Hajj 2018

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NAHCON Approves 117 tour operators for Hajj 2018 as National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has planned almost 117  Tours operators for hajj scheme 2018 and according to Hajj Scheme 2018 they will go for hajj 2018 .

Adamu Hassan Abdullahi spokesman for Nigeria Hajj Commission explained about this scheme . Chairman of National Hajj Commission Barr. Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammad has also approved the distribution of 20,000 hajj seats among the 117 Licensed Companies .

NAHCON Approves 117 tour operators for Hajj 2018 Scheme

almost there are 114 Companies has applied for license  and 54 companies were following the rules and regulation.

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Further Govt of Nigeria is thinking about the Bio metric verification so for this purpose Govt will arrange the 774 local governments across Nigeria.In past the Saudi Govt fulfilled bio metric process formalities at arrival at Saudi Arab ,But they change the policy . Now Every country will manage bio metric verification before arrival in Saudi Arab,President Muhammadu Buhari had recently raised this issue. The Bio metric verification process will effect those countries who have large number of application like Pakistan .

Bio Metric Verification for pilgrims before Going to Hajj

All over that Muslims countries are raising their voice against this policy as pilgrims of their countries will effect from this policy and they have to suffer and there will be great wastage of time . Many countries are trying to protest this policy . This decision will effect more for people who go for Umrah. 

It is expected that there will be 80 to 85 %  pilgrims will be from rural areas so they will face a lot of problems and  so they are against policy for Bio metric verification process .

In Nigeria VFS will conduct the bio metric verification in three centers Abuja, Kano and Lagos.

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