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Pay Increase in Budget 2018-19 For Govt Employees

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Pay Increase in Budget 2018-19 For Govt Employees is about 10% and same there is increase in pension . Govt Employees were expecting rise of more than 15% . As this is 6th Budget for Govt . Actually it has been seen in past that last budget is always in favor of employees. But Govt has not given relief to employees . Only there are 10% rise which is not enough .

There is 10% increase in pension and pension minimum criteria is increase from Rs 6000 to Rs 10000/- Over 75 years the pension is minimum of Rs 15000/- that is also good step of Govt for pensioners . There is also relief in this budget of house loan ,car loan ,bike loan advance for Govt Employees. 

There is also 50% rise of house rent allowance for employees. After 50% increase in house rent allowance there will be effect of salary also . While there will be normal pension is Rs 10000/- After this announcement the pensioners are very happy and salaried person are not happy as they were expecting more from Govt . 

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House Rent Allowance of Bps 14 

House Rent allowance before rise  =  Rs 1476

Rise in House Rent Allowance        = Rs  738

House Rent Allowance After Rise   =Rs 2214

This was formula for rise in house rent allowance for Bps 14 . Other can calculate according to their grade and scale .

Basic Pay of Bps 14

Basic Salary   =   Rs 15128

Increase in Salary   =   Rs 1513

Basic Salary After Rise  =Rs 16638







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