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PTI vs PML (N) MNA Candidates For Election 2018

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PTI vs PML (N) MNA Candidates For Election 2018

PTI vs PML (N) MNA Candidates For Election 2018 is important topic to discuss. PTI and PML(N) has finalized the names of their candidates in Lahore . Both have very strong candidates . PTI thinks that theu will win major seats in Lahore .PML(N) past is very clear in Lahore . Lahore seats are always won by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. They are now expecting the same results. But as per media reports ,it will be close contest between these parties as both have voters in Lahore.

In NA-132 as per unverified list , PTI candidate is Meher Wajid and Malik Riaz is candidate of PML(N) .Both are verr candidates so there will be close contest in NA 123 .

Waleed IqbaL from PTI will contest with Hamza Shahbaz in NA 124 . Waleed Iqbal is relative of Dr Allam Iqbal and Hamza Shahbaz is son of Ex Chief minister of Punjab.

Maryam Nawaz will show her performance in NA 125 while Dr Dr Yasmeen Rashid will be the candidate of PTI in this area. Maryam Nawaz is daughter of Nawaz Sharif and Dr Yasmeen Rashid last time contest election with Kalsoom Nawaz. So both have votes.Here also we will see the close contest between them .

Hammad Azhar from PTI will contest against Mahar Ishtiaq in NA 126. While in Na 127 ,Jamshed Iqbal from PTI will fight with Ruhail Asghar who belongs to PML(N) . So these are strong parties .

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In NA 128 , PTI candidate will be Ijaz Diyal while PML(N) candidate will be Sohail Shaukat Butt.While in NA 129 Aleem Khan will be candidates of PTI and Sardar Ayaz Sadiq will be from PML(N) . Shafqat Mehmood will be candidate of PTI while Khawaja Ahmed Hassan will be candidates of PML(N) .

NA 131 will be eyes for every Pakistani as PTI chairman Imran Khan will contest the election in NA 123 While Saad Rafiq will be the candidate of PML(N) So there will close fight in this area . As PTI lovers will never see to lose their chairman in this area.On the other side Khawja Saad Rafiq is strong candidates in Lahore . He is very popular in Lahore as well as in Pakistan . He will give Imran Khan very tough time in this area so on 25th july we will see the winner of this NA 131.

Na 132 PML(N) candidate is Mian Shahbaz Sharif . while choudry muhammad Mansha will be candidate of PTI . Shahbaz Sharif is strong candidates in NA 132 .

Ijaz Chouldry will be candidates of PTI in NA 133 while Zaim Qadri from PML-N will take this battle on 25th July 2018. Malik Zaheer abbas will be candidate of PTI in NA 134.Khalid Gujjar Will contest the election on plate form of PTI with PML N(N) candidates NA 136.








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