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Teachers Transfer Policy 2018 With Complete Guideline

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Teachers Transfer Policy 2018 With Complete Guideline

1. Objective:
Objective of the policy is the distribution of human resources in an optimal manner to protect academic interest of students and maximize job satisfaction amongst employees in a fair and transparent manner.

2. Main features
(i)The Policy shall be applicable to all teaching Cadre Posts i.e. ETT, Master, C&V, Lecturer, Vocational Masters, Principals and Headmasters except employees on extension of services after attaining the age of superannuation. Posts of Ministerial Cadre, Block Officers, District Officers, and Principal DIETs shall not be covered under the policy;

(ii) The Policy shall be applicable w.e.f. academic session 2018-19 i.e 01.04.2018;

(iii) Teachers who are members of State Cadre or District Cadre are liable to be transferred anywhere in the State or in the District as the case may be, at any point of time.

3. Zoning of schools
All Government Schools shall be categorized into following five zones for the purpose of transfer of teachers:

Zone 1 Schools located within Municipal area of the City of District Headquarter.

Zone 2 Schools located within the 10 KM radius starting from the boundary of Municipal Area of city of District Headquarters.

Zone 3 Schools located in the City/ Town of Tehsil Headquarters and schools located within 5 km radius starting from the boundary of municipal limits except those which are co-located with District Headquarters.

Zone 4 Schools located on the State Highways or National Highways (Schools within distance of 250 meter from State and National Highway are also included)
Zone 5 All remaining schools not covered in above categories.

The one-time exercise of categorization of schools into zones shall be completed by the department within one month of the notification of the policy.
Zone wise list of schools, once finalized will be hosted on the website seeking objections before it is notified by the Government.
Any subsequent alteration or inclusion of schools in zone, if justified with valid and cogent reasons, will be made with the approval of the Government.
4. Time Schedule:
(i) Periodicity of the transfers

General Transfers will be made only once in a year, as per time schedule given in para 4(ii) below or as notified by the Government for a given year. However, transfers can be affected by the Government at any time during the year in cases of administrative exigency (i.e, adverse PTR and disciplinary cases); the reasons for transfers under these grounds should be recorded on file.

(ii) Time Table: The following time schedule shall be followed for various activities every year except the first year in which the online transfer policy is being implemented:

a) Decision about opening of new schools, upgradation of schools/section, addition of new subject/streams and redistribution/ rationalization of teaching posts will be done from 1st December to 31st December, every year.

b) Notification of “Actual Vacancies” and “Deemed Vacancies” will be done from 1st January to 15th January, every year.

c) Eligible teachers will submit their choice of schools online, from 15th January to 15th February, every year.

d) Transfer orders will be issued in the last week of March, every year and the joining will be in the first week of April.

e) Qualifying date for actual vacancies, deemed vacancies, points calculation, count of stay shall be 31st March every year.

5. Basic Principles:
(i) Transfer/posting to the opted zone/school will not be claimed or treated as a matter of right.

(ii) Each year vacancy in the schools will be notified. Definition of vacancy and deemed vacancy is given in para 7(i).

(iii) The option once availed and confirmed shall be final and can be changed only under the provisions of this Policy.

(iv) No male teacher below the age of 50 years shall be posted in a Girls School.

(v) Unless protected under a provision of this Policy, every teacher completing 7 years continuous stay in a particular zone/ school shall be transferred.

(vi) In some cases no option may be received for a “deemed vacancy”. In such a case, teacher occupying that post will be allowed to continue in the same school for the next one year, if he/she opts for this. Such teacher shall not be allowed to seek transfer before the completion of his/her stretched tenure of next one year.

Provided that such post is not to be kept vacant as per provisions of para 7(ii) below.

(i) Decision of allotment to a vacancy shall be based on the total composite score of points earned by a teacher, out of 200 points as described below. The teacher earning highest points shall be entitled to be transferred against a particular vacancy.

(ii) Length of Service shall be the prime factor for deciding the claim of the teachers against a vacancy since it shall have weight age of 85 points as per para 6 iii (a), out of total 200 points.

(iii) However, to take care of categories like women, widows, widowers, differently abled persons, serious ailment, and well performing teachers, a privilege of maximum 50 points can be availed by the teachers of these categories. The division of points shall be as given in para 6 (iii)(a), 6 (iii) (b) 6 (iii) (c) and 6 (iii) (d) below:-

a) Length of Service (85 Points)
Factor Criteria for calculation Maximum
Service Points in various zones (ZlxLOS1Z2xLOS2+Z3xLOS3+Z4xLOS4+Z5xLOS5)/Total LOS
Z1=10, Z2=20, Z3=30, Z4=40, Z5=50,

LOS1= Length of Sen/ice in Zone 1 in Days
LOS2= Length of Service in Zone 2 in Days LOS3= Length of Service in Zone 3 in Days LOS4= Length of Service in Zone 4 in Days LOS5= Length of Service in Zone 5 in Days

Length of Service (Total length of service in Punjab Education Department in days)/ 365
(upto 4 decimal points)

Note: If the marks exceeds 25 then the teacher will get 25


Age Age will be calculated on 31st of every year.
A teacher having age of 48 years will get 1 mark, 49 years will get 2 marks and so on. Maximum marks will be 10

b) Special Category (50 marks):

Major Factor Sub Factor Maximum
Points Criteria for calculation
1. Gender Female 5 5 points will be given to female teachers
2. Special Category female teachers Widow/ divorced/ unmarried female teacher more than 40 years of age/ wife or serving Military persona!/ Paramilitary personal working outside the State 10 All females of this category shall be given 10 marks only.
3. Special Category male teachers Widower (A male who has lost his wife and has not re-married) and has one or more minor children and/ or unmarried daughter (s) 5 Eligible male widowers shall be given 5 points only. (in case remarriage of self/children becoming major/ daughter getting married, the employee will have to update his profile in the MIS and will not be eligible for the advantage any more
4. Differently abled persons Vision (Above 80% disability)
Locomotors above 60 % disability)

Persons on wheel chair




Certified by Civil Surgeon from the State of Punjab or Equivalent Authority or as per list of medical colleges at Annexure A. Maximum 10 marks
5. Diseases of “Debilitating Disorders” (i.e.cancer, chronic renal failure, thalasemia, sickle cell anaemia) Self Spouse/ unmarried Children 10 Certified by Civil Surgeon from the State of Punjab or Equivalent Authority or as per list of medical colleges at
Annexure A

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6 Differently abled or mentally challenaed children Men/ women having Mentally challenged children with IQ below 70 or 100% differently abled child 10 Men/ Women teachers having mentally challenged or 100% differently abled children provided maximum 10 points
c) Well Performing teachers (50 marks)
Sr No Major Factor Sub Factor Maximum Points Criteria for calculation
1 Well performing teachers Teachers giving good results in last board exam or under Learning Enhancement Programme { Padho Punjab Padhao Punjab) 20 Above Average Board Results e.g. Above
0-5% = 4 marks 5-10% = 10 marks 11-15% = 16 marks 16-20% =20marks

2 Grading of school of posting 10 (Grading Marks of School)/10 and maximum marks will be 10
3 Annual Confidential Report 20 Marks obtained in ACR/ 5 and maximum marks will be 20
d) Ward of a Teacher studying in Government school (15 marks)
Sr No Major Factor Sub Factor
Maximum Points

Criteria for calculation
1 Ward of a Teacher enrolled/ studying in Government School 15 Single ward = 7.5 marks Two or more = 15 marks

1. Number of teachers belonging to Special Category as defined in Para 6(ii) (b) point 2 to 6 above, posted in one school shall not exceed 50% of the total sanctioned strength. Therefore, such teachers shall not be considered for transfer in a school already having 50% staff of Special Category..

2. If husband and wife, both are working in School Education Department, the benefit of 10 points under para 6(iii)(b)(6) above can be claimed by only one of them.

7. Defining Vacant Posts
(i) There shall be two types of vacancies (i) Actual Vacancy (ii) Deemed Vacancy.

a) Actual Vacancy:- A post not occupied by any teacher, a post which will become vacant due to retirement, promotion, voluntary retirement, as per PTR (Pupil Teacher Ratio) or otherwise as on date of publication of vacancies as per schedule given in Para 4 (ii) (b) above.

b) Deemed Vacancy:- A post occupied by a teacher for a period of Seven Years or more on the qualifying date; or a post occupied by such teacher who has given option for transfer from his/her school under special dispensation given in Para- 8 (vi) below but has not completed tenure of Seven years in that particular school,

c) Posts occupied by the contractual employees shall not be considered as “Vacant”.

Provided that such vacancies/deemed vacancies are not covered under the provision of para 7(ii) below.

(ii) Some vacancies of all categories of teachers will remain unfilled at any given point of time. To avoid their concentration in some schools, percentage of such vacancies shall be maintained proportionately amongst all schools (except posts of heads of institutions).Screenshot 20 - Teachers Transfer Policy 2018 With Complete Guideline

8. Procedure to be adopted
i) With a view to transfer the teaching staff in excess of sanctioned/ assessed strength in a school to other school having requirement, the task of creating/ shifting sanctioned posts shall be carried out before General Transfers.

ii) Teachers will be given option to choose as many schools as they want from all the zones for which he/ she is eligible. The option will be taken in online mode only.

iii) Teachers joining the department on repatriation from U.T. Administration or other States or other departments of the State Government, where they were on deputation, shall be considered for remaining schools with vacancy.

iv) Teachers, who have already completed the span of seven years’ stay in any zone, shall not be entitled to opt for the respective zone(s) again except zone 5 but the option in zone 5 will be for a different school than the one in which he/ she is serving. However, teachers having one year or less in retirement shall be exempted from this condition.

v) Minimum stay at a particular school for seeking transfer shall be three years.

vi) In administrative exigency (i.e, adverse PTR and disciplinary cases), the Department shall be at liberty to post any teacher at any of the stations, in the interest of study of students.

vii) All teachers who are found “teachers without requisite workload” on the basis of redistribution exercise enumerated in para 8 (i) above, shall compulsorily be shifted from their place of posting irrespective of any tenure.

viii) To ensure uninterrupted NCC program in the schools having NCC units, Associate NCC Officers (ANO) will be replaced by the teachers working as Associate NCC Officers only.

9. Mechanism to be adopted
i) Every teacher will be responsible for the accuracy and regular updation of data in the MIS in respect of his/ her credentials. In case he/she notices any discrepancy, he/she will get it rectified by adopting due procedure after producing the relevant evidences before the DDO concerned. He/she shall be responsible for updation of profile as and when any status is changed.

ii) All the options once exercised will be available for viewing to all concerned teachers in their login.

iii) Teachers on fresh appointment/ promotion shall be considered for appointment against vacancies not-occupied by any incumbent across zones depending upon their merit.

iv) The transfer exercise shall be carried out through Application Software. However, 1% cases shall be checked manually on random basis.

10. Post transfer exercise
(i) All Transfers shall be implemented within fifteen days of their issuance. The copy of transfer orders shall be sent to the Treasury Officer concerned with a request not to draw the salary of such transferred teacher from the institution he/she has been transferred.

(ii) The teachers transferred on administrative grounds will not be transferred back to same school from where they were transferred out on administrative grounds.

(iii) Department will form an online grievance redressal system through which aggrieved teachers if any, can submit his/ her grievance within 15 days of issuance of orders, after joining at new place of posting. Their representation shall be considered in accordance with the Policy and appropriate decision shall be conveyed to him/her within 15 days.

These guidelines regarding transfer are meant essentially for the internal use of the Department and do not vest any teacher with any right to transfer.

Notwithstanding anything contained in the policy, the Department of Education with the prior approval of the Government shall be competent to transfer any teacher against a vacant post in relaxation of any or all of the above provisions after recording reasons justifying such relaxation.

Administrative Secretary, School Education shall be the sole competent authority to interpret above provisions and pass such order(s) as deemed appropriate and essential to facilitate the implementation of the policy for the purpose of effect, control and administration of the department as a whole.

Teachers shall not bring in any outside influence. If such an influence from whichever source espousing the cause of teacher is received it shall be presumed that the same has been brought in by the teacher. The request of such a teacher shall not be considered. Action may also be initiated against such a teacher under relevant Service Rules/ Employees Conduct Rules and an entry to this effect shall be made in his/her service record.

The above transfer policy will also be put on the website of the Department and it shall be presumed to have been sent to all concerned for compliance.

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