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Things Prohibited During Ihram

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  • Things Prohibited During Ihram as There are many things that are prohibited during Ihram as we have to care for these things that we should not do that things , as Islam cannot allow to do these things . There are following points that are forbidden in islam during Ihram .
  • Things Prohibited During Ihram
    (1) It is strictly prohibbted about Sexula intercourse ,talk,kiss or any other contact.
    (2) All unlawfull things should be prohibited
    (3) Hunting is also prohibited .and you cannot help anyone in hunting.You can not even kill any mice
    (4) Scents, perfumes are also not be used on body or cloth
    (5) Clipping of hair from body or shave is also forbidden . You can not cut nail during ahram .
    (6) it is also prohibited for men to use stich clothes .
    (7) Footware are also prohibited for men as you cannot cover the central bone of uper area of foot
    (8) Men should not cover the face and hands
    (9) women should not cover the face.
    (10) Donot harm to any muslim verbal or practical .

All above points are very important as we have to give these points very importance and we have to follow all these points .

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