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Voter Turnout for 2018 General Elections in Pakistan

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Voter Turnout for 2018 General Elections in Pakistan
ECP has declared the voter turnover in General election 2018 in Pakistan . It is 55.8% which is very high as compared to previous elections . Although it is hot day of 25th July 2018 .People have come out from homes and they have participated in Election 2018.
Further when we see the in provinces we can see that there were 55.05 percent turn over in Punjab and 48.11 percent in Sindh,
Further here in this election there were new facility of result system . There were no major complains about Form 45 .


We have received the following results from election 2018.

PTI won the 114 seats in National Assembly

PML(N) won 63 seats in National Assembly

Pakistan People Party Won 43 seats in National Assembly

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Independent Candidates won 14 Seats

MMA have won 11 Seats

These are major party position in National Assembly and when we see position in Punjab there are following position ;

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz won 127 seats in Punjab Assembly

Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf won 123 seats

Independent Candidates are 29 in Punjab.

Pakistan People Party have 6 seats in Punjab

Pakistan Muslim League Q has 7 seats in Punjab

In Sindh , Pakistan People Paerty is single larger party with 67 seats and is in position to make Govt alone.

In Balochistan BAP is larger party with 14 seats and MMA have 9 member .

These are party position in all four assembly and in National Assembly . so Almost these are final party position and

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