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What are Types of Accounts in Allied Bank Limited

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What are Types of Accounts in Allied Bank Limited. There are many accounts in Allied Bank Limited . The most used account we will discuss here . there are following accounts in Allied Bank Limited.

  1. Allied Asaan Account
  2. Allied Basic Banking Account
  3. Allied Easy Current Account
  4. Allied Express Account
  5. Allied Rising Star
  6. Current Account
  7. Khanum Asaan Account
  8. PLS Savings Account
  1. Allied Asaan Account: 

It is very easy account to operate . In this account customer can withdraw and deposit of Rs 500000/- Maximum in a year . here there is no service charges and there is no Zakat deduction .

Allied Basic Banking Account: 

It is account which is used for salary purpose and there is two debit and credit transaction in a month and there is no service charges here also for maintaining a balance in account .

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3 Allied Easy Current Account : 

This is most used in ABL as there is no service charges in account and it is current account . there is no maintenance charges in account so you can deposit unlimited amount as well as withdraw .

4 Allied Express Account

Allied express account is for home remittances . there is no tax in this account so if you are sending some one money to Pakistan then receiver can open account with his name which will be tax free account .

Allied Rising Star

Allied Rising Start account is opened for child who has no cnic .

Current Account

It is current account where customer has to pay service charges and maintenance charges .


7 Khanum Asaan Account  :

It is Khanum Assan Account is for opening for women account which is also free of service charges . It has many facilities. and there are free Cheque Boook and It has no charges . It is very to open in bank with just help of CNIC . You do not need to given any documents of proof of business .

8 PLS Savings Account

It is saving account where Zakat is deducted in every 1st Ramzan .



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