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What is Administration and Main Objectives of Administration?

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What is Administration ?

Its meaning is near to service and works dedicated to the good of others . The main objective of administration is to secure for an individual or society or nation .

What are Main Objectives of Administration ?

Administarion is machinary through which any of organization can be managed . It is best way for educational structure and it is direction , control and management of all matters pertaining to school affairs . Control and management are main tool of realization of purpose which is defined in educational structures .

What is Administration and Main Objectives of Administration?

 Administration in institutes are mainly focused at the managements of students , teachers , facilities and other requirements that are necessary for education in any state . It can be defined as ” Educational Administration is a process of utilizing appropriate material in that way to promote effectively and human qualities .
we can define administration as ”

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  All those techniques and procedures employed in operation the educational organization in   accordance with established policies
Education administration is concerned is dealing of coordination of people around any organization and it is main way to control all activities of organization . If you have poor management then you will not get the desired result as all results and out comes are mainly effected from management and administration .
The Scope of Educational administration is very vast and it includes every aspects regarding proper control in educational institutes. The purpose of administration is to enable an organization to carry out its functions with efficiency . It also enables the right pupils to receive right educations , and for teacher it will guide them for right lectures .

So We can say the management and Administration can put their impact on any of organization and when any organization will have good management and administration , there are more chances of more productivity and output and motivation of employees as management provides motivation

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