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Who will be Care Taker Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018

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Who will be Care Taker Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018 as PPP Finalized The Two names of Caretaker PM as there is long discussion with Govt Party . There were five names which were considered before . Dr Shamshad Akhtar,Maleeha Lodh,Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, Dr Ishrat Hussain,Abdullah Hussain Haroon .These are considered before for care taker PM .among these names two names are Dr Maleeha Lodhi and Dr Shamshad Akhtar are most favorite for caretaker Prime minister .

Govt is trying  to select any name .PPPP finalize Zaka Ashraf, Jalil Abbas Jilani for caretaker PM .

Zaka Ashraf is the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board,He also remained adviser to chief minister Sindh from 1988-1990.While Jalil  abbas Jilani Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States and as the country’s foreign secretary.

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Asif Ali Zardari has also conveyed to these person . While Bilawal Bhutto will sit with Zardari for name of caretaker PM . But Still these are not finalized for caretaker PM by Govt . They have select any name before 31 May 2018 . If they are unable to select any person ,then there matter will be forward to Committee but after then the committee will select any person as Prime Minister .

Both these person belongs to PPPP so it will be difficult for other parties to accept these two names . Still other parties are silence at this issues . Govt and Opposition leader will sit again for selection of new name . They have to finalize the name with in few days as there is no enough time .

Election commission has further finalize the date of election 2018 .there are 3 days and summary has been sent to President of Pakistan . These dates are from 25 July to 27 July . President of Pakistan will approve any date so Election is near as this Govt will be ended before 1 June 2018 . So we have to wait for few days that final name will come for PM .

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